About Us

The dream of becoming a plumbing and heating contractor began for me when I was a young boy. I have three brothers and instead of rattles, my father bought us all pipe wrenches. I started going on jobs with my father as far back as I can remember. I did all his running until I started picking up the trade and running the copper water and heat lines while he ran the PVC drainage.

I remember when my father would see one of his boys just standing around on the job, he would say “What! You got nothing to do?” We’d say “no” and he would respond with “well clean some fittings.” When we would tell him that we already had, he would come back with “well clean them again”.

In 1979 I decided to get all my credits in order to graduate from High School a year early and go to work full time for my father.

I enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1980. In 1984 I returned and went to work for PDM Mechanical Contractors in Manchester, NH as a foreman. PDM was a big believer in prefabrication. I remember dropping completed boiler rooms into buildings by helicopter.

In 1985 I had the opportunity to move back to Maine; I then began working for South China Plumbing and Heating. There I was also a foreman and ran such jobs as The Comfort Inn in Bangor and the Crime Lab in Augusta.

In 1987 when I received my Masters Licenses in Plumbing and Heating I decided I could better serve the public on my own. That is when I started John Boivin’s Plumbing and Heating. With the knowledge I acquired and the strong work ethic I inherited from my father, I have been in business for 22 years. The only promise I make is to treat all my customers fairly and to do my work to the very best of my ability.